Fitness update 2009 #4

Well, the little bunny only hopped a quarter pound down the garden this week. I still have over a pound to reach goal weight this month. On the plus side, that means I’m 10 percent to my overall goal weight when I meet my goal for this month! However, I’ve been much more strict about eating and exercising this week so I think the small weight loss is more due to adding muscle than not loosing fat. I also drank a lot of water at the gym last night which could be another reason for only a small loss. I’ll weight myself tomorrow and see if there’s any difference.

I’ve gone to the gym 3 times this week and done the second level of Slim in 6 the other days. Most of it is getting pretty easy, but the leg floor part is still tough. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with level 2 for another week or move up to the final level, Burn It Up. I think I may just try it and see how it goes.

The scale may be only creeping down but my clothes are much looser. In fact, one skirt won’t stay on at all and my favorite one is in danger of doing the same. A dress that was rather tight is now comfortable. My chest is tighter. Everywhere else seems to have shrunk a bit as well. If I keep this up, I should be easily able to fit into those smaller dresses for our cruise in March.

Speaking of the cruise, we’ve been taking oral typhus vaccine. It’s one pill every other day for 4 doses. One of the potential side effects is nausea. It’s not very common but when it comes to rare or unusual medically, that’s me. Anyway, it’s been making me queasy the following day. Good for controlling appetite, but not the recommended method for weight loss. Today isn’t as bad as the day after the first dose was, but still not that great. Tomorrow is the last dose, thankfully.

I went to the new gym branch last night. It is open 24 hours. Many people say part of the reason Americans are overweight is they spend too much time sitting still watching tv. However, the machines at this gym have what’s called Cardio Theater. It’s tv’s with headsets. In the other gyms, they have several large tv’s each on a different channel. In this gym each machine has it’s own small tv, with basic cable. I watched MythBusters while riding the bike, then watched half a show about volcanoes while on the treadmill. That was fun. You have to keep moving to have the sound stay on which is good motivation. I may start planning my workouts around tv shows 😆 Unfortunately, I’m a bit sore today but, I didn’t let that stop me from doing the Slim in 6 workout.

UPDATE 1/23/09

It must have been one of the reason above for yesterday’s small weight loss because today was down to 167. That’s more like what I was expecting.


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