Warmer weather is good, right?

It’s over! We made it! That’s right folks, the frigid cold has moved on after nearly 2 weeks at -40 or colder. Clouds finally moved in and it started warming up yesterday afternoon. Today is zero. Heat wave! Tomorrow is supposed to be 20 ABOVE and the next day may even be above freezing. Wow! That’s at least 85 degrees (or more depending upon where you are) warmer than just a couple of days ago.

Warmer weather is good, right? It’s not as dangerous to do stuff outside. You can stay outside longer. Everything won’t freeze like pipes, cars, and anything else that’s supposed to be liquid if it’s properly insulated. Well, not exactly. It is when the temperature warms back up we have problems. For instance. We have a building with a broken well pump (frozen?) and another with heat pipe problems. Both these happened last night or this morning. As the temperature warms back up, frost can build up and cause things to freeze that were working even though it was colder. The frost also builds up on the roads, turning driving into ice skating on wheels. Ugh.

The good thing is that kids will probably be able to have their dog sled races on Saturday afternoon.


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