Ramp It Up day 1!

I finally did it! Whew, pant, pant. I just finished the first day at the second level of Slim in 6: Ramp It Up. It’s 47 minutes long. The warm up and first part of the cardio are similar to the first level only more reps and a bit faster. Then she adds some new squat twist and squat kick moves that I think will be fun once I get the hang of them. From then on it’s much more intense than level one was.

An extra set of arm reps with weights/exercise band left my arms burning and fatigued. I used 5 pound weights for the first time. In level one, I didn’t use any weight. The leg lifts kicked my butt and surprisingly my upper arms. A good thing since these areas need a lot of help. In between leg sets are push-ups, which felt rather pathetic form today. Then she came to abs. I thought I was going to throw up. I couldn’t do it all.

I was disappointed with the stretching/yoga section. She didn’t hold the stretches long enough and the yoga was a mess. I didn’t even try. I was so mixed up and usually I enjoy yoga. I just don’t think the postures she chose worked well for a cool down section. If the yoga came first then the stretching that would be better.

She messed up on the count some times which was confusing. However, a few times I lost my own count only to hear “last one” or “just two more” and that motivated me to continue. Still, not bad overall workout. My kids actually tried to so some of the moves with me. It was a bit distracting but fun.

Now I’m tired, but in a good way. I hope I’m not super sore tomorrow like the second day of level one. Even if I am, I know it’s for a good reason as my muscles are getting stronger. I just need to keep pushing play. I had a banana, mandarin orange and glass of milk as a post workout snack.

I’m not sure what we are going to do for dinner tonight. I have a half thawed salmon filet I was planning to cook. We ran out of propane and the stores don’t fill tanks if it’s colder than -20. We may be having tv dinners for awhile đŸ˜¦


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