Super Saturday Fitness

Why is Saturday the best day for my work outs? Today was no exception. If I can manage more days like today, I think I’ll be easily able to meet my goal for the month. The scale was down half a pound this morning. Not much but still down. I went to the gym for almost 2 hours. I spent half an hour on the bike then swam 7 laps and did some walking. I also met a great woman who gave me her card so we can try working out together again. That was fun and she was full of encouragement. When I got home I did 10 minutes of ab work (Slim&6 Pack).

I’ve eaten pretty good recently too. Last night was homemade bean burritos and no snacking later. Today I skipped breakfast (not so good), had a salad with salsa instead of dressing and half a slice of homemade wheat bread with butter for lunch. I’m finally making the spaghetti squash for dinner tonight. I just hope I’m not too sore tomorrow, but I feel really good tonight. I still need the willpower to avoid snacking the rest of tonight (I may have a glass of milk if my heartburn bothers me) and the scale should be down again tomorrow. At least I hope so.

Now, how to keep my enthusiasm up the rest of the week? A new workout wardrobe would be nice. I need a new swim suit as the elastic stretched out today because it was so old. I also need new workout shoes. My feet hurt. I’ve lost weight up top and could use a new exercise bra. Another fun exercise outfit would also be a good reward. Although, I don’t want to spend a lot of money now on clothes if I’m going to keep loosing weight. On the other hand, decent workout clothes would encourage me to want to workout and wear them.

I need to quit being lazy at home and get to the gym instead. If I have time to sit around watching tv or surfing the internet in the evening, I have time to get to the gym. The closest is open until 11pm during the week and there is one open all night across town. I can give you more excuses but you know them already yourself probably. Life won’t end because I miss a tv show or two but it might if I don’t start exercising more to loose this weight and get fit again. Just do it!

UPDATE 1/12/09

Great news- my weight is back to 168.5 so all the effort I put in yesterday paid off! I got the best night sleep last night in weeks.  Plus, I have lots of energy today. I feel great! My stomach and upper arms feel tighter. The best part is I’m not really sore. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going.


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