Fitness update 2009 #2

Ugh! I’ve gained back to 170. I hope it’s just water weight since 1.5 pounds isn’t that much a change either direction, but it’s still frustrating. I haven’t been exercising much but have concentrated on helping my son with his homeschool more this week. We’ve also had the stomach crud going around. It’s still -40F here in Fairbanks. Definitely not good weather for doing anything outside. Plus we have the curtains closed all the time to keep out the cold so the house is rather dreary. I really need to work extra hard the next few weeks. Hopefully it will warm up a bit (zero would be nice) so we can at least open the curtains.

The cold is also affecting produce shipments. The stores are sold out of things like lettuce, mushrooms, and other less hardy vegetables. My husband got a tiny butter lettuce tonight. That was almost the last lettuce in the store. The bagged salads, mushrooms, and spinach are all gone. Milk is about gone. He bought a gallon tonight and dropped it outside. The plastic jug shattered. Luckily we were able to save about half the gallon.

On the plus side, my husband has already met his goal weight for the month.

We signed up for a huge cruise, 38 days starting mid-March. It starts in Rio then goes around the tip of South America then up the west coast to Seattle. That should help with the motivation. I want to fit into my smaller dresses for that trip. All 4 of us are going. We got a terrific deal. Not sure how many shore trips we can afford but that’s ok. It’s the first family vacation we’ve all had together in about 4 years. We even have an outside window this time. They have a small gym, so we plan on exercising on board every day when at sea. They have a kids playroom so they can go there while we exercise.


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  2. Don’t worry to much about the gain. It is small in comparison to the entire journey. I is a bummer though I understand that. At what point to you get to go and do things outside again. That is really cold. Sorry about the produce.

  3. Hi. Zero would be great but we’ll go do stuff outside when it warms up to -25. The kids dog races are held above -15. It’s -19 at the house this morning so the kids may go outside today. As cold as it has been here, the real cold is just east of us. The village of Chicken (near the Canada border) hasn’t been above zero since early December and was -68 Thursday!

  4. That is some serious cold

  5. Jason,
    When it warms up to freezing in the spring, many people wear shorts and sweatshirts outside. That’s over 75 degrees warmer than it has been lately afterall.

  6. Amazing. I used to wear shorts more but since I lost the weight I am cold now. I still were shorts for running regardless of the temp but it would never get that cold where I am. I lived in Texas for 7 years. I wore shorts all the time and if it was like 50-55 out, they would call me crazy. Funny how we adapt.


    Why is Saturday the best day for my work out? Today was no exception. If I can manage more days like today, I think I’ll be easily able to meet my goal for the month. I went to the gym for almost 2 hours. I spent half an hour on the bike then swam 7 laps and did some walking. I also met a great woman who gave me her card so we can try working out together again. That was fun and she was full of encouragement. When I got home I did 10 minutes of ab work.

    I’ve eaten pretty good recently too. Last night was homemade bean burritos and no snacking later. Today I skipped breakfast (not so good), had a salad with salsa instead of dressing and half a slice of homemade wheat bread with butter for lunch. I’m finally making the spaghetti squash for dinner tonight. I just hope I’m not too sore tomorrow, but I feel really good tonight. I still need the willpower to avoid snacking the rest of tonight and the scale should be down again tomorrow. At least I hope so.

  8. UPDATE 1/11/09

    OK, I know I’m updating an update 😆 Anyway, great news- my weight is back to 168.5 so all the effort I put in yesterday paid off! Plus, I have lots of energy today. I feel great! My stomach and upper arms feel tighter. The best part is I’m not really sore. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going.

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