Fitness update 2009 #1

Happy New Year! I hope you will make fitness part of your New Year.

I’m going to take a moment here and talk about motivation. I’ve been blog surfing lately about weight loss stories and fitness. There’s some amazing success stories out there. One that stands out right now is a man who lost 130 pounds in about a year. He now runs marathons. It’s a very inspiring story.

Along with the success stories there are many works in progress like me. Those are fun to read to see what and how others are doing and spread encouragement. Encouragement is a key to success and motivation. It’s amazing how when I blog about a difficult day, some stranger will respond with a quick word of encouragement. The mountain becomes a mole hill and I can see over the top to my goal again. Thanks everyone.

Then there are the ones I call false starts. I’m in danger of becoming one myself. These are people who have good intentions, start on their way then quit for whatever reason. The most common reasons seem to be failure to fit in time for fitness, disappointment at their progress, or lack of follow through on commitment. All of these reasons can be solved with one change: make fitness a priority.

If you don’t have time, try writing it on your day planner like a regular meeting (this is what I’m having to do, 4pm: exercise 1 hr). Then it’s just a matter of not allowing other appointments to interfere with this time. Tell your co-workers, family, and friends that this is your time so they don’t make plans involving you at this time. Plus, it helps keep you accountable if others expect you to exercise at a certain time.

If your progress isn’t what you hoped, perhaps you have unreasonable expectations. Try re-evaluating your goals. Make smaller short terms goals. As you achieve them, your confidence will improve and motivate you to continue. Remember, it probably took a long time to get where you are now so don’t expect overnight success to get to your goal.

Finally, lack of follow through. These people just seem to quit for no reason. They are very motivated and excited at first. Then as the newness wears off and it starts to seem like too much effort they quit. Or they slowly fall away and go back to their old ways. Then one day they realize they have totally gotten off track and call themselves failures. It takes 21 days to make (or break) a habit. Try to give yourself these 3 weeks before abandoning your efforts. It may be tough, but if you stick with it, after 3 weeks it is easier to keep going and fitness has become a habit. This is true whether your goal is to exercise for a certain amount of time each day or to eat healthy. It will be hard at times. The key is not to totally give up during these first 3 weeks.

Find a way to make it interesting. Challenge yourself with a small reward if you do your daily commitment. Perhaps watch a movie, buy a new exercise outfit or some other small thing you’ve been wanting related to your goal. Get a fitness buddy. Even if they don’t actually work out with you, they can encourage you and listen to your troubles. Borrow (or buy) a new cookbook to try out new recipes.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. No one is perfect. If we try for perfection, we are only setting ourselves up for frustration and to fail. Again, the key is not to give up. So you ate a bowl of ice cream or missed a workout session. Just add a bit more to your workout or eat a bit less the next day. Don’t over compensate though. If you look long-term, that one mistake won’t break your progress. Accept it and move on. Just don’t allow yourself to do this too often or you really will fall off your progress.

Now for the update part of this post. I’m still at 169. I gained a bit around New Year’s day but lost it again (thankfully) by keeping to the No S diet the last few days. My goal for this month is to loose about 3 pounds. I’ve started Slim in 6 again. We haven’t been able to get outside yet. The weather is even colder and not supposed to warm up any time soon. Right now it is -31F at my house, -39 in Fairbanks, and -50 in the town of North Pole. Needless to say the kids dog mushing race was canceled today.

On New Year’s Day we went with friends to a local ice skating arena where we went walking. Our kids had great fun running around. Unfortunately, they had noise makers they were giving away. Richard found one and blew it. Now he has the stomach flu. We were supposed to get together with them yesterday to walk again but didn’t because he is sick.

It was funny yesterday. I told the kids I wanted the DVD player after they finished their show to do my exercise. Well, things got busy for work then and I didn’t get the video in. The kids kept pestering me until I did it.

My goal for this coming week is to get with it again, no more excuses. Vacation is over! I’m feeling better. I hope to exercise 5 times with Slim in 6, perhaps even starting the second level (Ramp It Up). I’m going to continue being more strict with the No-S Diet eating plan. We are going shopping for our monthly groceries tomorrow so we should have lots of fresh and healthy stuff again. It would be nice if I could get to the gym to swim at least once but that would be a bonus not necessarily a goal. Perhaps that should be a reward for doing the Slim in 6 since it’s way too cold to do anything outside?

Well, that’s about it for now. I need to go Push Play and get moving. Everyday completed is one day closer to my goal. I find many days that I don’t feel like exercising, if I just do it, I gain motivation to continue once I start. The hardest part is just getting started.


OK, make that perhaps into likely for starting the second level. I just did Start It Up and it was kind of easy compared to the first day. Time to step up the intensity soon. I could still feel it but wasn’t having to work nearly as hard. I’m glad there’s 3 levels. I also really need to get a new CD player because their music is driving me nuts! Thankfully you have the option of turning it off then using your own while still having Debi’s voice.


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  1. I liked your blog!! Goodluck!!

  2. Great Information! Keep up the good work…

  3. [linked to this post]

  4. [linked to this post.]

  5. Do 1 or 2 ab exercises right after each work out. Your work out ought to include compound movements first so you end up burning more calories from fat. Do efficient ab exercises like swiss ball sit ups, reverse crunches, and hanging knee raises. These will not just work your ab muscles but also your core so your body will learn to construct muscle mass a lot faster instead than heading correct for that weight bench.

  6. People should do a range of different exercises rather than the same ones all the time. Varying your routine will help keep from having the plateau effect where you lose effectiveness because your body has adapted to the movement. It also helps to target different muscles so your better toned overall. This is why always using the stationary bike or treadmill is less effective over time. Good workouts target the total body rather than spot toning.

  7. While we are discussing about topics relevant to Fitness update 2009 #1 AK Homeschool Fun, A current research has revealed that fitness workouts can slow down the aging process.

  8. ak – just wondering, whats the update 1 tear later and what are your thoughts and plans for 2011. Any kind words of wisdom?

  9. I have the flu now. Hopefully today’s mail brought Turbo Fire. That’s my plan for the beginning of this year. I’ll start fitness updates for 2011 (maybe with a year in review for 2010) when I get well, so keep checking in. Thanks!

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