Paid for weight loss

Merry Christmas!

One of the gifts from my husband today wasn’t anything you can buy in a store. He gave me a 3 ring binder (ok that part you can get in a store) with just 3 pages in it. On them he outlined a plan to pay us for loosing weight and keeping it off. He has some investments that are starting to pay off and thought our current and future health was the most important thing to spend the money on.

How it works is a bit complicated. It is a 10 year plan. (He likes to think long term) Anyway, for the first 4 years he has outlined goal weights for us both on a monthly basis. If we meet the goal he will pay us from his investments a per pound amount. If only one of us meets the goal, we only get 25 % of the amount. If neither of us met the goal, then we get nothing and the money is reinvested or spent elsewhere.

His goal weights are very attainable. Slow weight loss is healthiest and less likely to cause burnout if you fail one week trying to catchup the next. It is also the best way to keep weight off since it is likely caused by permanent diet and lifestyle changes. We’ve both lost weight in the past with fad diets and overdoing exercise only to gain it and more back. This plan of his is to try to provide incentive enough to make permanent changes so we don’t regain weight.

I mentioned a few weeks back, a study I found that says those with financial incentive to loose weight lost more than those without. That is what sparked this plan of his. His end goal is for us to loose about 55 pounds each. The key is we both have to loose weight to make it work. We also have to keep it off.

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  2. Man that is just Great. Fantastic job. Getting things down on paper, making some positive pay for the weight loss. You are going in a perfect direction. Good job HUBBY!

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