Sick kids?

I think my kids are getting sick. Karen has a stuffy nose and small cough. It doesn’t seem to be bothering her much. I’ll give her some get well tea. Richard volunteered to take a nap and actually is doing so rather than playing in bed. This is very unusual for him except when he is starting to get sick.

Ugh. I hope if they are getting sick, its not very bad. I also hope my husband or I don’t get it but probably will.

We try to avoid public gatherings in the fall and early winter to help keep ourselves from getting sick. This includes doing homeschool rather than public. Not going to church. My friend homeschools but went to church 3 times a week or more last year and her family was always sick. Not letting the kids do activities or group lessons until spring. And limiting visits with friends and family if we know they are sick or have been exposed to sickness. These things may be a bit drastic but seem to help. So far this winter we’ve only been sick once. We have avoided the stomach crud. Still, we do work with the public so we come into contact with sick people when showing apartments sometimes .


2 Responses

  1. May you all stay healthy and get over what small colds you may have!


  2. It’s official. We’re all sick today. The worst part is the kids will miss their first dog mushing race of the season on Saturday and they have been looking forward to it for months. Oh well, that’s life. I did get marshmallows for Richard’s chemistry molecule project which should be fun.

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