Fitness update 3

I seem to be stuck at 170. I must admit that I haven’t done much about it recently. My seasonal depression is making me very tired. I just want to sleep. The days are almost at their shortest. Today is just 3 hours 52 minutes possible daylight. It is cloudy and snowing so it will undoubtedly be less. I’m not the only one having problems. My son is having behavior issues this week too. Anyway, by the time afternoon rolls around I’m too tired to even think of exercise. I know exercise (and any subsequent weight loss) will also help with SAD, but knowing and doing are two different things. Still, no loss is better than a gain.

I”m trying to be positive. I can’t wait for summer. I’m so tired and I just got up an hour ago. Funny, but by mid-summer I can’t wait for winter with plans to do a lot (skiing, sewing, homeschool related projects, etc). I forget how tired I am this time of year. I wonder if I move to the southern hemisphere if I’ll still have this craving for the opposite season.


4 Responses

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  2. Don’t get discouraged! I hate the winter too! Force yourself every day. Even if if for only 15 minutes, you will feel a diference afterwards.

  3. Mike,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I don’t hate winter, I just hate how it makes me feel. Blah! đŸ™‚ Less than 2 weeks until equinox then we start gaining daylight. Yeah!

  4. Hey just thought I’d drop by to see how the weight loss was going for you! I’m enjoying reading a lot of your posts on different things. Hope all is well!

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