Out of wood

We were supposed to get more firewood on Sunday but didn’t. We were able to scrounge and conserve enough wood until yesterday. It was 50 degrees yesterday morning in the house. What wood we had left was pretty bad so the house didn’t really warm up much all day. Then no fire overnight (as usual) left the house pretty cold again this morning.

We had heating oil delivered this morning. I don’t like having the oil heat. The burner and pumps are noisy. It is slow to heat the house when it is this cold. It’s just 62 now this afternoon in here. It heats from the walls in, whereas the upstairs wood stove is in the middle and heats outward. It’s expensive, but not as bad as if we would have had the tank filled a few months ago since the price has fallen almost $2/gallon.

Still, it’s good to have a backup source of heat for days when we run out of wood or are too sick to deal with it. Oddly enough, most people consider this backwards. Usually wood is the alternative when the oil goes out đŸ˜‰


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  1. I know how it is. We do have electric heaters, but we only use them as back up. We also mainly use wood heat. Since we just built our house last year we had plenty of logs to cut up for this years fire wood. The wood stove gets the house much warmer than electric and is alot more affordable.

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