Friday, please!

Most weeks I try to take the days one at a time and enjoy moments of each. This week however, is a challenge. First, we’re out of wood. Yesterday we scrounged enough to keep the house in the mid 60’s, but, by this morning the house was in the low 50’s. We got heating oil this morning and it is taking forever to warm the house up again. I don’t like the oil heat. The pumps and burner are noisy. I don’t deal well with mechanical noises.

Homeschool this week is frustrating. He just isn’t doing his work. Nothing has helped motivate him this week. No punishment, reward, or even bribe has made much difference. He just wants to play Legos. He also runs and yells and literally bounces off the walls this week. Normally he’s not quite this hyper. There are several reasons which could be part of the problem. He’s staying up and sleeping in way too much so his sleep schedule is off. He says he’s hungry a lot. Not sure if this is true (growth spurt?) or just an excuse since he is eating good. Our days are very short so sunlight deprivation could be part of it. The chilly house could be part of it.

It’s not like he not doing any learning this week. He read both the chemistry and biology books twice each all the way through yesterday as well as several animal books. At 10pm while reading about water animals, he found a water tension experiment that he wanted to do. Unfortunately, it needed 2 sewing needles but the sewing basket was in his sister’s room and she was asleep. So science is the topic of the week I guess. Just not reading, language arts, or history. It could be worse. Now he found a digestion game in a human body book.

His sister is following his lead and is hyper at times too. However, she usually will settle down if given some diversion, reward, punishment or bribe. Put them together and I’m surprised the house hasn’t fallen down at times the last few days.

We have friends coming over for dinner Friday. We’re all looking forward to that. Friday, come quickly. Day after tomorrow seems like forever right now.


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  1. Will post a but more about this on my blog, but if he enjoys playing with Legos, why not just let him…they are much more educational than you think!

    If you follow the child instead of pushing the child to follow you, you’ll find that the whole world is available at his fingertips.

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  3. Wow, and I thought I was doing well with my house down to 60. May your house be warm and merry by firewood or oil!

    I don’t know how much time you spend reading out loud to your son, but that can be a great time for him to play with Legos. That worked for me. May you find the perfect solution that fits your family during the dreary and cold months.


  4. Laura,
    Yeah. I know Legos and blocks are educational. He gets lots of time to play everyday with them but needs to also learn responsibility. There are days I’d rather play then work but have to work. As for following his interests, he chose what curriculum to use. (I gave him a few options based on his interests.) Now he needs to do the work. Today is a little better *sigh*. I’ll check out your blog.

  5. Luke,
    With oil and the thermostat we have better control over the house temperature. That’s one drawback to wood, but you get used to it. Lots of sweaters and extra blankets. I think the coldest we’ve had the house was in the upper 40’s, but that was after being gone all day at -20.

    Sometimes I do let him play while we read. Other times, if it’s school related and he isn’t paying any attention (I know because he can’t answer questions about what I’ve just read), he needs to sit more quietly. We love to read together, both aloud and quiet. My family is big readers. It does help fill the dreary, cold months quite well. 😉

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