Fitness update 2

I’m afraid to say I haven’t made much progress this week. First, I was sick and so didn’t feel like exercising. Then we ate out because we had many appointments in town one day with no time to go home and fix dinner. The end result of all this is that I didn’t loose any weight this week. However, I didn’t gain any either so I guess that’s good.

I don’t think this next week will be much better. Thursday was Thanksgiving. We went to the Pioneer Home where my mother in law lives and had dinner there with her.  Yesterday we went to a friend’s home and had turkey dinner with them. Today my husband is on his weekly trip to Healy for coal so I’ll make dinner at home. I have come down with a sick stomach and not eating much today. Tomorrow my mother in law and some of her friends will be coming up here for our turkey dinner.


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