Fitness update 1

OK, I know I just started Slim in 6 and posted about it yesterday. Still, today is Thursday so I’d thought I’d kick off the fitness updates.

First, the scale said 170 this morning. Yeah, 2 pounds lost this week!

I was rather sore when I got up this morning. By afternoon I was a bit better and I did Start It Up. My chest wrapping to my back and calves are the sorest. The routine was a little easier today but still left me sweating.

I cheated and ate a snack (cereal) last night. I haven’t had any snacks today. Dinner tonight is fresh baked salmon, herb potatoes, broccoli, and salad. Last night my husband said he didn’t mind splurging a bit more often on nicer (healthy) dinners like tonight’s since it’s still cheaper than eating out (even fast food). I’ve decided to buy a bunch of herbal teas to drink when I feel like a snack. It’s not the same as a satisfying salty crunch but better than water or nothing.

I’m still having beginners excitement. Plus the fact that I’m already starting to see results, doesn’t hurt. This coming week, I may switch to the next level, Ramp It Up. We will continue healthy eating choices. I have 2 “S days” to look forward to- Saturday and Sunday. I’m not sure what I’ll splurge with but will likely have less than I used to for sweets.

My husband called this afternoon from the gym. He sounded pleasantly surprised when I told him I just started exercising too. Is that a coincidence or what? Anyway, I told him I’m reserving from 4PM until dinner for exercise then making a healthy dinner. He seemed to think that was a good idea. I will still answer the business phone while making dinner but workout time is MY TIME. I get frustrated and sore if I stop in the middle for too long. So scheduling problem solved for now anyway.

Now I just need to keep up my motivation and stick to the plans I’ve laid.


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