Slim in 6, day 1

As the ticker says: one pound lost 46 to go. The trick is not to let myself get burned out and give up. I’ll post weekly updates. Well today I decided to start Slim in 6 for my exercise program.

It has 3 levels. The first is Start it Up. I’d forgotten how intense some of the moves are, especially at first. They’re really targeted. I’m tired but in a good way if you know what I mean. I didn’t do all the yoga/stretches at the end. They hold them way to long. Plus, I’m not that flexible to begin with so on some of them it was a struggle just getting into the positions.

I’ve lost a pound since Monday! However, with small loses like that it could just be a fluke. Sill it’s better than a small gain 🙂 Hopefully the combination of intense exercising with Slim in 6 and No S Diet eating plan will keep the scale going backwards. I’ll find out in a week when I get on the scale again.

One thing I remember from past intense exercise programs is they make me hungry. Your body wants to replace those calories just burned. The trick is not to give in. I want the metabolism increase to work for me. I’m hoping to time it so I finish about an hour before dinner like I did today. Then I’ll eat a sensible dinner because NO S = No Snacks. Tonight’s dinner is vegetarian rice stuffed peppers and cauliflower with perhaps a salad.

We just bought $150 worth of healthy groceries yesterday. Having healthy food on hand rather than junk when I’m making dinner will be great, not just for me but for my whole family.

Last time I did Slim in 6 I only managed to go 5 weeks. Still, I could tell the difference, especially in my arms and legs. I also needed a smaller bra. I don’t know what my overall change was since I wasn’t tracking weight. Beach Body recommends measuring yourself all over (arms, legs, waist, chest, hips) Then track those changes. That’s just too much like work.

They also recommend their supplements and diet program. I think that is going too far. While diet and supplements are an important part of an overall fitness program, it doesn’t necessarily have to be their diet and supplements. I already take One a Day Weight Smart and Caltrate calcium. The extra B vitamins helps with seasonal depression.

I’ll see you again next week for a fitness update. Hopefully there will be less of me then.


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