Chimney stack robber

No, someone didn’t steal our chimney. 😛 In September we ordered a stack robber. It finally came in. My husband installed it this morning.

A stack robber is a metal box about 16 inches tall that sits on the chimney. Actually, it becomes part of the chimney. It sits between two lengths of stove pipe. The smoke goes up through it. As it does, there are horizontal tubes in the box that a fan blows inside air through. As the hot smoke goes around the tubes they heat up. The fan blows some of the “waste” heat that would have gone up the chimney out into the room.

When this house was built, it was designed to have a stack robber. Hence, there’s an electrical outlet halfway up the wall behind the wood stove. It looked very out of place unless you knew why it was that high.

The stack robber has already made a difference on how evenly the house is heating. We had a fan at the end of the hall pulling warm air from the living room but the stack robber blowing extra “waste” heat down there works much better. It doesn’t change the efficiency of the woodstove.

One of the drawbacks of stack robbers is the chimney is cooler so more creosote can build up. This can potentially cause a chimney fire unless you clean it more often. However, our wood stove is a downdraft stove and normally produces little creosote so I’m not sure how much of a concern it is in this case.


4 Responses

  1. Well, I just learned two things: “Stack Robber” and “creosote.” Good stuff!


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  3. I like your idea of capturing excess heat from stove pipe, where can i buy this item

  4. Charles,
    They can be hard to find. We bought ours at a hardware store the specializes in homestead products.

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