No S Diet? Hmm, interesting

I read Anna at Veiled Glory started something called the No -s diet. She doesn’t talk much about what it is but has a link. I was curious (and still overweight) so I checked. Sounds interesting.

Here’s the quick of what it is. As the website of the creator says there are just 3 simple rules and one (sometimes) exception:

  1. No Sweets
  2. No Snacks
  3. No Seconds

The exception is easy to remember too, except on days beginning with S and other (personally) Special days.

Eat what you normally do. No calorie counting or label reading. No calculator needed. Sounds almost too easy to be true compared to most diets. Perhaps that’s why it works. Calories are restricted by the three rules rather than a complicated formula.

I would expect to be hungry while your body gets used to lowering intake and making new eating habits. i would also change rule 2 to allow fresh fruit/veggies (without dip or peanut butter) as small snacks if no snacks seems impossible. Fresh fruit and veggies (especially apples) are low in calories but high in fiber so you feel full longer after eating them.

It would seem by no sweets they aren’t talking about the spoonful of sugar in my breakfast oatmeal and tea. Unless of course you go overboard and heap it in so you’re drinking coffee flavored sugar water. But it does mean sodas, chocolate milk, and other sugary drinks as well as the regular dessert type sweets.

I would also change the no seconds rule to not apply to my homemade vegetable soup. It’s just vegetables. I (usually) don’t add meat. If I make borscht, we have sour cream with it that we add ourselves. I just would leave the “extras” out for seconds. Other soups like creamed soups, chili, and stew would fall under the no seconds rule because they have the “extras” in the soup.

Hey, the more I write, the more this sounds do-able! What do you think? Have you tried it or something similar?


3 Responses

  1. [linked to this post]

  2. i am willing to try this diet. what a great idea. i have been doing atkins for about a year now and have been able to stay about 22 pounds down. unfortunately, i keep falling off the wagon and so i keep at the same weight which is about 30 pounds over weight.. i’ll follow the s diet for a week and weigh in and let you know how it goes. thanks for the idea……beth

  3. Beth,
    You welcome. Keep in touch and do let me know how your progress loosing weight with NO-S. I too was impressed with the simplicity of the diet. Today is my first day. I am about 50 pounds heavy so it’s going to take me awhile.

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