I still weigh the same!

Ugh! I still weigh the same (169 or 172 depending upon which scale I use). I suppose that is better than having gained weight. At least I have stopped that. Now I just need to get the scale going backwards.

I don’t believe in short term diets, especially if you have a family with young kids like I do. It seems deprive everyone and I refuse to make separate meals. We’ve been so stressed out which I don’t know why it is a surprise since that happens this time of year every year. Furnaces and buildings need tweaking for winter. They like to go down at 3am. This causes lack of sleep, irritability, and lack of motivation. Not a good combination toward weight loss.

As a result, we haven’t been eating as well as we should.  Still better than earlier but not great. I hope things are settling down now. I need to hide the chocolate chips.I’ve been craving chocolate and carbs because of my SAD (seasonal depression caused by shortening days). Didn’t I just say I don’t like deprivation with a lack of motivation?

Here’s a few things we’ve done. I bought some Slim Life tea by Yogi Tea. It seems to help curb my appetite, plus it tastes good so I’ll be less likely to reach for something junky to drink. We used up the last of our mayo and won’t be buying any more. Hubby bought some yummy honey mustard instead. It has only 1/4 the fat and calories of mayo but tastes great on sandwiches. It’s a bit expensive so I’m not sure how practical it would be for things like potato salad. I even bought several pretty dresses a few sizes too small to help keep me motivated.

Anyway, I could use some encouragement.


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