New friends, PE day

Last night we went and visited a family for the first time. It was another family that uses Christian Light Education. I was given their phone number while in Virginia for training. For several reasons we haven’t been able to get together until last night for dinner at their house. They only live about 5 miles from us. They have 8 kids ranging from 2 months to teenagers. Karen and Richard had fun playing with the younger ones while we visited. We stayed until around ten. We hope to get together again.

Today we got up early to be at a school at 9 for PE Day. The district got a fitness grant. Today they tested the kids on things like running, sit ups, push ups, flexibility. It took longer than planned. They expected to get the testing done in the morning then do outdoors activities in the afternoon. Instead they didn’t finish testing until almost 2 and canceled the outdoor part. Now that they know what to expect, I hope they can schedule next time better. They have 4 more days this school year for these tests to track their progress.

They tested 6 or so kids at once. The others played group games. It was supposed to be grouped by grade so the younger kids would do games while the older ones did the testing then switch. It wound up just being random who went when. I think part of it was there were more families than expected that showed up.

Richard was in the last group. He had a lot of fun. They did a lot of running games. He won’t admit it, but he’s pretty tired this afternoon. There were a few other preschoolers Karen played with. She’s taking a nap now. (I’d like one too, but need to keep the fire going.)

At times it was only slightly controlled chaos, especially late morning when they were supposed to play Capture the Flag. Kids were just everywhere. (That’s not the best mixed-age game.) Not everyone knew where to go. Some just didn’t care and were doing their own thing. They didn’t have any morning snack which I think would have helped the younger ones at least because they were pretty tired and hungry at noon. Again, next time should go more smoothly. Another thing that would have helped is a whistle rather than shouting to be heard or to get kids attention. Overall, it was a fun day but I wouldn’t want to do it very often.

I made a fire before leaving home this morning. Still, it was 59 when we got back this afternoon. I got it going again and now it is warming up.

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