His first mile

One of the reasons I like homeschooling, is being able to explore Alaska whenever we want. Part of this includes winter trips. My son got his first skis for Christmas last year but only went around the driveway and near the house last winter. Yesterday evening I took him skiing at the Dog Musher Hall field. it’s this big open field we hiked a few weeks ago. Now it’s covered in snow. Snow machines have packed a nice trail.

I wouldn’t consider myself that great a skier, not even a pratically good one, so it seemed like a good idea we both learn together. This field is a great place. Its open and flat. We did have to cross a small snow berm but that was relatively easy. Anyway it is a half mile to where we turned around so I know we went a mile. Unfortunately, when we got back and had taken off out skis, I realized I had dropped my pager somewhere along the way. There was no choice but to go back and look for it. We walked this time.

Luckily, I found it. Of course it had to be at the far end of the field. This means we both skied a mile then I walked that same mile. Richard only walked half way the second time. Well, it was good exercise and a little adventure to our day.

This was his first mile on skis! I’m proud of him. We hope to go again. We both had a lot of fun.

Once we get better, I’ll try him on hills. There’s no lack of cross country ski trails around here. It’s a good year with enough snow already and temperatures around zero, although I wish it were about 10 degrees colder.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve been cross country skiing once. It was pretty fun, but the few tiny hills I went down really freaked me out [smile]. And I don’t like it when it’s really cold. Ugh.

    Glad you found your pager.


  2. Luke,
    The first time my friends took me x-country skiing was at night. We only had 1 headlamp for the 5 of us. If there was a turn or hill they would call back to me. Well, once they forgot and I went unexpectedly whizzing down a long hill. Now I’m not to fond of going down hills. I don’t mind going up but I’ve been known to take off my skis and walk down. *grin*

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