3rd grade and beyond plans

Now that I’ve decided on science, I have most of next year (and likely beyond) figured out. Yeah! 🙂

I think we are finally on track as far as curriculum goes. These align with state standards to progress through his correspondence school district’s goal levels, and his learning style. This may change of course as he progresses, but I’m satisfied we have a good mix for now.

It’s important to have a general outline of where you want your student to be when. Then you can plan how to get there. Hopefully you will stumble upon a curriculum that works well you can stick with. This keeps students on track and helps prevent any obvious gaps. I’m not advocating school at home. I’m just saying you should have a plan after they are good at reading of where you want them to go. Many families seem to get kids reading then flounder with what to do next because they don’t have a general learning plan. It doesn’t need to be set in stone or super specific.

That’s what this post is. My general learning plan for my son’s next few years. He’s finishing the one I made when we were learning to read this year. This  plan should take him up to middle school.

Here’s how things are shaping up:

Science: The God’s Design series we’ll explore for several years as we study different aspects of physics, biology, and chemistry.

Real Science 4 Kids level 1 student texts, workbooks and teacher guide $135

God’s Design for Chemistry: Properties of Atoms & Molecules, Properties of Matter $36

God’s Design for Heaven & Earth: Our Planet Earth, Our Universe, Our Weather and Water $54

God’s Design for Life: Animal Kingdom, Human Body, World of Plants $54

God’s Design for the Physical World: Heat and Energy, Inventions and Technology, Machines and Motion $60

Math will continue with Math-U-See.

History: we’re enjoying WinterPromise and will likely continue a few more years.

3rd: WinterPromise American Story2 (w/out African American focus) $385

4th: Adventures in Sea & Sky (combined history & science)

Christian Light is redoing their 6th grade social studies. Not sure what level it will wind up. It is a Biblical view and perspective of world history using God’s World-His Story. I need to call them and find out what the plan for this is. I really think it is an important and unique way to study world history. It is now a year long course.

After these we will shift focus to civics and government for a few years.

Language Arts continue with Christian Light Education.

Reading continue with Christian Light Education.

Literature books to coordinate with WinterPromise.

Art depends how he likes the Artpac.

Other subjects the district requires us to do are technology, health and PE, career development, and cultural awareness. Much of these will either be learned as part of other projects and subjects (researching and typing reports for technology) or topic specific short lessons and outdoor play.

Bible continue with Christian Light Education.


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