Switching science programs

Science curriculum problem solved.

I’m not very happy with the WinterPromise World Around Me. There’s nothing wrong with it. He just needs more details. It would have been good for him last year or kindergarten. Plus, its only a single year. I’d need another program next year anyway. I can use it in a few years when Karen starts science so it wasn’t a total waste of money.

I found a blog (thanks Dee) that mentioned a science program, Gravitas Publications Real Science 4 Kids. Its a relatively new program that has more planned. I read the reviews on Homeschool Reviews and The Old Schoolhouse and they were good.

http://www.gravitaspublications.com is the website of the publisher.

Level pre1 is grades K-3: Chemistry & biology

Level 1 is grades 4-6: Chem, bio, physics

Level 2 is grades 7-9 Chem

The books are clickable. You can actually read the entire texts online. My son sat in my lap to look over the pre-1 chemistry. He really enjoyed it and understood what they were saying. It is presented in a fun rather than watered down way. The lab books incorporate the scientific method in every experiment write-up they do. I ordered level pre-1 for this year.

I ordered it from Rainbow Resource cheaper ($130 for pre1 level and level 1 will be $135 not including the extra books called cogs that tie chemistry to 6 other subjects like art, philosophy, and language for $140/set). I asked the coordinating teacher to switch to Real Science 4 Kids as our primary science curriculum and am submitting the purchase order. She said it should arrive within a couple of weeks.

Then next year, I can order level 1 and the God’s Design books. It says grades 4-6 but if he understands it and has already done level pre1, why not? That’s one of the great things about homeschooling; kids can learn at their own pace. Those should last him a few years. Then we could do Level2 of Real Science. I feel these two are very complimentary series and fit his learning style. Plus we’d like to do WinterPromise Adventures in Sea and Sky for fourth grade (perhaps along with the God’s Design for Heaven and Earth books).


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