Halloween time again

Well, as many of you have said, it’s that time of year again: Halloween. I was blog surfing tonight regarding Halloween. Perhaps it is because we are still 3 weeks away but there aren’t as many anti-Halloween posts this year. However, not to insult anyone but, a lot of the posts that I have seen are more depraved than last year. Several sleazy costume ideas, the usual spooky (some just truly evil) song lists, Satanic cult meetings, plans to spend way too much money on parties and/or costumes (it falls on a Friday this year so weekend full of parties) seem to dominate blogland.

Perhaps Satan is using the economy and/or the election as a distraction in the war against sin. As Christians, we need to stand up and say enough. We won’t be distracted. We need to fill our homes with joy and light on this evil and dark holiday. If you must participate, consider handing out tracts (there’s a great little activity book style tract for kids called Do Right available from Christian Light Publishers) or “Jesus loves you” pencils with the candy. If you can afford it, have teenagers reverse tick-or-treat by trading pocket Testaments or tracts for candy. Satan hates to be mocked after all.

For those of you interested, we did go to a Halloween/fall carnival last year at the Community Center. Our kids didn’t have costumes. They didn’t have much of a fun time. Most of the games were babyish and lame. Richard was excited because he caught an apple bobbing for apples and almost won the cake walk. They each got a bag of treats (including tooth brushes). I don’t think we will go this year. The only reason we went last year is that we were driving by while it was going on and the kids wanted to go see what it was like. It wasn’t something we would go out of our way to attend. The kids haven’t even mentioned wanting to go or do anything associated with Halloween this year.

For those of you who missed it, here’s my earlier thoughts on Halloween. I will likely re-post it closer to the end of October.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t think that any teenager would trade candy for throw-away Bibles or tracts.
    Your children may not grow up the way you think. I was deprived of Halloween for a long LONG time. And I am nothing like what you would want your children to be.

  2. Raybear,
    All I can do is try my best to pass on my beliefs and trust them to make good decisions and learn from their mistakes as adults. Halloween participation or lack of doesn’t make a persons life course. My kids don’t feel deprived because you can’t miss what you don’t want and this year they don’t want Halloween. It’s just not a big issue at our house. I know of some wonderful teens who do trade Bibles/tracts for candy and have a great time sharing their faith.

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