Intro to biology ideas please!

I have been pondering what to do for science next year (third grade and kindergarten/first grade). I haven’t seen anything that struck me as outstanding that would be doable for both kids together. I was thinking about taking the informational books from WinterPromise’s Animal Worlds and using them as a start for a more advanced biology course. I’ve been researching resources that would fit with my goals and his style. I want a mix of fun books (fiction and non-fiction) and meaty informational books. I need to get this course planned out so I can submit a plan to the district for approval before next year.

One of the Animal World books is from the God’s Design for Life series: The Animal Kingdom. He loves it and wants the others in the set (includes “The World of Plants,” “The Animal Kingdom,” and “The Human Body.”) They are textbooks with experiments and concept questions. Unfortunately, I can’t find it right now. I think they will be great to use for this “course”. I can get them (and other titles in the series) from
Rainbow Resource.

Here’s a list of resources so far:

WinterPromise Animal Worlds resources:

One Small Square series (order additional titles)

Animal series from Kids Can Press (order additional titles from Rainbow Resource)

DK Encyclopedia of Animals

The Animal Kingdom

Sonlight science has some resources that I would like to use:

Discover & Do DVD: level 3

Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body

Lyrical Life Science vols 2 (mammals, ecology, and biomes) & 3 (human body)

Additional resources:

God’s Design for Life: The Human Body

God’s Design for Life: The World of Plants

Wild Harmony: Animals of the North by William O. Pruitt Jr.

books by Debbie Miller

Human Body floor puzzle from Rainbow Resource

Human Body (Scholastic hands-on activities) from Rainbow Resource

Here’s a very tentative list of topics that could be covered:

Animal classifications (taxonomy)

Life cycles of plants and animals

Habitats, both plant and animal and how they interact, unique adaptations (especially sub-arctic tundra & boreal forest), camouflage

Hibernation, migration

Animal defenses, food webs & chains

Body systems: skeletal, muscular, digestive, etc

Conservation of natural resources, Endangered species, human impacts

Does anyone have any resource suggestions they really liked that would fit? Is there a topic that would fit which I missed?


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  1. Apologia has a wonderful selection of science texts for the elem aged child. I’ve always said that Apologia science books are written the way I would write a text, if I could write a text. I think there are 6 books to choose from, each written for the K-6 grade level. Here’s their link.

    (a work in progress)
    (a collection of my rambling thoughts and ideas) (searching and shopping to benefit my favorite non-profit, (a bi-monthly newsletter of support, information, and encouragement)

  2. Susan,
    Thanks, I was trying to remember that name. I’m glad you not only reminded me but provided a link.

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