Bedroom homeschool

Yesterday we moved Richard’s desk into his room. Today was the first day of school in his room. It went surprisingly well. His sister’s antics couldn’t distract him. We picked up his room before bed. He wasn’t allowed to get any toys out until his school was finished. He took 2 tests and did really good (except loosing 12 points for not following the directions in one section). He also copied the Bible verses from his first reading unit into his notebook. He needs to do the second unit before being caught up. We are starting the third unit tomorrow. We stressed to him that he needs to stay on task if he wants to keep the desk in his room.

The wood stove is heating the house nicely. I let it warm up the living room then turn on a fan blowing down the hall. It only goes about 45 minutes before needing more wood and goes out totally after 3 hours so we can’t leave it for long once it is very cold outside. We need to put a small wood box upstairs though.

Today I finished cleaning/organizing the living room. All that is left are 2 big desk drawers I need to go through with my husband. I really like how it looks now. Much more space. It will be a lot easier to get my mother in law’s wheelchair around now. Our friend finally came over and got the chair we gave them 2 years ago. Getting rid of that helped a lot. Next we’ll start on the computer corner and bedrooms.


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