Woodstove and sewing nook

We’ve started on our plans to rearrange the house into a more useful, homestead cabin. Last year Ray added insulation to the attic. The latest change is that we reinstalled a woodstove in the main living area upstairs. I finally figured out how to get a sewing nook and linen closet without sacrificing any extra space.

Yesterday my wonderful husband and our friend went to the rental cabin and brought home the old wood stove they aren’t using. It has been sitting in their yard for over 2 years. It was under a tarp but not covered very well anymore after all that time. As a result it was covered in leaves and starting to rust in places. Well, I cleaned it up best I could and we positioned it upstairs.

Then the true test. We laid a fire and lit it. It is stubborn to light. While overall it has good air flow in the stove, it needs to have the door very slightly open (just unlatched is enough) to properly circulate air. Therefore, we have to be home whenever it is lit until we can either design a new air inlet or latch which isn’t as tight.

Once it got going and we figured out the door, it draws well and burns nice. It is just the thing we needed upstairs. The electric bill last month was about $300 because of the 3 electric heaters. Ugh. Well, in less than 3 hours we had it too hot (74 degrees) upstairs last night. The stove has a rather small woodbox so it doesn’t hold a fire very long without needing to be fed. The house cooled off to 61 this morning but was down to 18 outside. It’s up to 65 in here now. We’ve had the stove lit for about an hour and half. With the wood furnace it takes about twice that long to start heating the house.

The sewing nook and linen closet are related. They both were inspired by my desire to reorganize our bedroom. Right now the “sewing chair” is the linen closet. I’m tired of looking at it. I can put a small desk by the door to hold the sewing machine and notions. The comfy small chair there now will go in another corner. The chair in that corner will be the chair at the sewing desk. We have a closet in our daughter’s room that is just a catch-all where we can put up shelves and a folding door to become the linen closet. I also need to decide which blankets, pillows, etc to keep and which can be given away.

We also need to set up our daughter’s room. It used to be my mother-in-law’s office. Right now the crib is still in there and her mattress is on the floor. We have a bedframe but need to remove the desk and file cabinets before it can be properly set up.

These projects won’t cost much except time. As such, I expect them to take most of the winter before they are finished. But it will be much more comfortable (and useful) when they are. For now, I need to get this posted so I can shut off the power for our no-power day.

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