Early plans for next year

I know we just started this school year, but I keep planning ahead in the back of my mind. Do you do that? It’ll probably change a lot before spring ordering but at least it’s a starting point.

The change from Abeka to Christian Light Education was just what we needed to get him back on track. There’s enough variety to keep him interested, and the work load is just right, yet in depth enough so I know he is learning.

We’re also enjoying the WinterPromise American Story 1 and now World Around Me for science. The science is pretty basic but better than nothing. Trying to do it myself like last year was pretty pathetic hit and miss. I wish we had the WAM then. It would have been better since now it is almost too easy.

So that brings me to next year. He will be in 3rd grade and his sister somewhere around kindergarten/first grade depending upon how much she does this year.

We’ll stick with what is working best. That means Math-U-See for both of them. Luckily I can use his old Primer teacher kit and only need to get new student books (and maybe another starter block set) for her. They will both be in Christian Light Education for language arts, reading and Bible. He’ll do third grade and she will be somewhere in Ready to Learn. He will continue with WinterPromise moving on into American Story 2 (civil war to end of 20th century). Depending upon how Karen is reading and the amount of free time I anticipate, I may get WinterPromise Hideaways in History for her. They will probably both do swimming in the spring again.

That’s the knowns. The unknowns are more problematic. I’m not too worried about Karen. She’s just starting so reading and math will be the focus. Anything else will just be extra. He’ll be ready for more detailed science. I don’t have any good ideas there. I’m still not sure about art or cultural awareness. I’ll see how the Artpac goes. Then there’s technology (typing and computer skills).

Any suggestions or ideas for the unknowns will be greatly appreciated. So what’s worked for you in science, art and technology?


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  1. Fully admitting my biases, but I like Sonlight [smile]. I’ve heard good things about the Art books that Sonlight offers, not sure about technology, but the Discover & Do DVDs are great with Sonlight’s science. …of course, since I helped produce the DVDs, my feelings are a little skewed. But I’m not the only one who likes them.

    Third grade Sonlight science is all about plants, which can be very exciting as you see your plants grow. Here’s a URL to get you started in your exploration: http://www.sonlight.com/3S07.html


  2. Luke,
    Thanks. It’s always fun and helpful to hear from those who have a hand in making the curriculum. My friend did Core 3 last year and doing a modified core 4 this year (I don’t remember her having any DVD’s though).

    I’m not sure I want to spend a full year on plant experiments. Are there any other types of experiments for 3rd grade science? How well do they mesh with what the students are learning when experiments are scheduled? I don’t like programs that seem to have random experiments not related to the rest of what is currently covered.

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