Wow! Did hubby ever find a good deal this afternoon. He was driving in town and saw a canoe with a $50 price tag in a yard. He turned around and yes, it was $50 not $500. He left a note telling them we would buy it for that price. She called a few hours later and confirmed the price was indeed just $50. They no longer used this one because they were getting a larger one. After work, he went and paid her then brought it home. It is a red, 15 foot Coleman. We have been muttering about getting a canoe but didn’t want to shell out the $500 or more a good new one would cost. I guess God thought we needed a canoe and sent us this one. Officially it is for Richard but of course we will all use it. It seems to be in good condition without many scratches. Not sure how old it is. Maybe tomorrow evening we will have time to try it out.


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