Lights out, saving power

The last month we have been saving power in a novel way, not using any. I don’t mean just keeping lights, radio, and tv off but rather literally turning off the power at the meter for the house one day a week for 24 hours.

It does make for some careful planning before hand. It really makes you realize how many things you depend upon that use power. I plan what meals we will have in advance so we won’t need to open the shut off fridge. Also, the oven doesn’t work since it has electronic thermostat. We draw a pitcher of water since the water pump will be off. Obviously the lights are off so we have candles and 2 LED battery lights (one is a headlamp, the other a small touch light in the bathroom). We go to bed earlier on no power nights.

Our furnace isn’t working. It sprang a leak and Ray has it taken apart to fix. We are currently heating with electric heaters. Needless to say when the power is off, so is the heat. Right now it isn’t so much a problem, but will be by the end of October. We have a wood stove at a cabin that we are going to bring up to the house. It has a glass front door which will also provide light. A welcome thing as starts getting dark earlier and earlier. We shut down the power at 11AM yesterday. This morning it was down to 59 degrees inside (it didn’t help any that the kids went outside and forgot to shut the door several times). Last night was our first frost here. It got down to 31 overnight.

We are enjoying our day without power. After we’ve figured out ways around things like the oven, and ‘fridge it’s not that hard. The house is quiet without all the small (and some not so small) motors running. We do more family activities in the same room. The kids are learning about life before electricity as we use candles, lanterns, and wood stove. Last night we discussed the possibility of increasing it to two days a week.

We won’t be able to shut off the meter once temperatures start going below zero or the lines to the water tank will freeze without the heat tape. What we’ll do then is turn off all the breakers except the one the heat tape is on. It will be interesting as temperatures get colder and days shorter. We won’t be able to rely on sunlight in the evenings for many more weeks. We’re loosing an hour a week of sun now. đŸ˜¦

What are you doing to save on power as costs rise?


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