About Three finished

Karen is showing a real interest in books and learning to read lately. She has been working in About Three, an activity book for three year olds while Richard does second grade. She does a few pages a day. While we don’t work in it everyday, we do some each week.

Over the weekend, my husband noticed she is really interested in writing. She has learned to write her name in capital letters. He thinks she is ready to start learning to read. We decided to order her Christian Light Education’s Learning to Read program. The only question is when to start.

Tonight my husband and I looked through CLE’s catalog for pricing Learning to Read and possibly the other first grade LightUnits. For the 10 LightUnits (student workbooks), teacher guide w/answers, reader, sound slider and 3 sets of flash cards is $90. Her grandmother said she would pay for it.

I showed my husband the sequence from the Beginner’s Activity Series to ABC Series then Learning to Read. I also showed him the About Three workbook she has been working in. He was pleasantly surprised. I was trying to figure out how much longer it will take her to finish them before ordering Learning to Read. Karen saw the workbooks and wanted to finish it tonight. So we did.

Tomorrow we will start Bigger Steps. Each of the Beginner’s workbooks has 30 pages. I figure spending about 2 weeks per book. There are 2 more after that. She likes to do several pages at a time. It will probably take until sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving to finish this series. Then we’ll start the ABC Readiness Series. She will be 4 at the end of December. I don’t want to rush her but don’t want to hold her back either if she’s ready for reading.


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