Teacher plan book

The programs I’m using have each day planned but it is nice to see everything at a glance since I don’t follow the schedules closely sometimes. However, if you only use one program and follow the schedule closely, a plan book may be unnecessary.

One of the things we were given from teacher training at Christian Light was their Teacher Planner. I’ve seen several plan books and I really like this one for homeschool. It has space for 8 subjects laid out a week at a time. There are 5 lines for writing in each day for each subject plus an additional wider column for notes (or a 6th day if you need to catch-up). One week is laid out on two facing pages. You write the dates in at the top as well as what week of school and grading period (if you keep track). At the back of the book are several lined blank pages for extra notes.

Most teachers use these books to plan out what they will do each day in advance. Since I am using several different programs, I am using it to keep track of what I’ve done. This way I can look back at our progress but am not glued to a set daily schedule. I can also look at what we’ve done recently and decide if he needs more work or is getting overloaded.

I would recommend homeschools having a separate plan book for each child rather than trying to fit everyone onto one book. This can show individual progress and accountability. If you have a very large family you homeschool, perhaps having a separate plan book for each subject then putting in the student’s names rather than subjects for each day would work better.

You could use different colors for student assignments, activities, read-alouds, optional activities, quizzes and tests. I write in pencil so I can erase. I also write the scores in after the listing for the quiz or test. This way I can track if his scores go up or down as the year progresses.

Today, I filled out my planner with Richard’s work completed to date. I have rows for LA, reading, math, history, Bible, and science. In the notes column, I put the weekly themes for history and science as well as any extras I used. I still have room for 2 more subjects. I wrote in what curriculum I am using for each subject at the back of the book.

The science book we were waiting on arrived in the mail yesterday so we started this afternoon. It looks pretty easy. I think it will only need to be one day a week. He will be keeping a science journal again.


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