Starting history

YEAH! A few more of the WinterPromise history books came in the mail today including 2 of the ones we need to start. We’re still missing one but I decided to start without it. We have enough to keep us busy. Today was the first day. It  went pretty well but took awhile to get myself organized with all the different boxes of books to find the ones for this week.

I’m not sure I like how much Native American focus there is. I was hoping it would be more of the European/colonial instead. He’s still liking it and it is interesting to see what else was going on in America at the time. Today was just the first day so perhaps it will fit together like that later. I did talk a little about the early Spanish arrival today. It also briefly mentions the religious motives behind the settlements, which is important to me rather than just what people did when. I have some Anabaptist  history books that I’ll be adding or substituting at the proper time as well. There was a fair amount of parent (teacher) reading that I could probably have him start to do as we get more into the program. Richard is looking forward to the readings.

On a separate subject. The CLE math arrived. Unfortunately, the things I got it for are being nicely covered by Math-U-See. I guess I didn’t read the Beta scope and sequence carefully enough. Now what?


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