It’s here, sort of…

The WinterPromise order arrived yesterday. Well most of it anyway. Unfortunately, for both The World Around Me (science) and American Story 1 (history) the books used at the beginning of the program are among the ones that haven’t arrived yet. I need to call them and find out when they will be sent. I ordered it more than a month ago. I understand they are busy but I want to start. It’s very hard to have all those wonderful books just sitting there. 2 substituted books arrived from the order I placed in May!

I have CLE’s Social Studies Lightunit 103 which is an intro to US history that we’re working on now. Hopefully the other books will arrive soon because I’m not sure what to do when we finish this if they’re still not here.

Are any of you also waiting on orders for your homeschool?


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  1. Everything is here for us. I ordered much of my stuff back in April. Most of the places I ordered from delivered the materials within a week or two.

    I am glad I didn’t wait for the Rainbow Resources catalog to arrive to order my art curriculum. I still haven’t received the catalog despite calling a couple of months ago to make sure I was on their address list and they were sending it.

    It would definitely be frustrating to not have materials now.

  2. Doucementgently,
    I had to wait until July when the allotment for this year was available otherwise I would have ordered in May. Most of mine arrived within a couple weeks too. It’s just this WinterPromise that has taken so long and still not all in. Ugh.

    Have your artpacs arrived yet? I decided to give them another try. When I was at CLE, I looked through #3 and decided that was what I was looking for. So I don’t think I’ll order the Altelier Art but rather go with Artpac 3 afterall. I just wasn’t impressed with Artpacs 1 or 2. I guess they get better as you go along.

  3. We received our Artpacs right away. My kindergartener is the artsy type and loves to color/paste/cut. Artpac 1 was exactly what I was looking for – I don’t have to provide much in terms of supplies and it is all planned out for me in advance.

    I tried to do “art” for my now-second grader when she was in Kindergarten and is just didn’t happen because I didn’t have something to follow. That isn’t one of my skills. If it isn’t planned out, it doesn’t happen.

    So, we are using 1 for both kids. (My second grader is pencil-phobic, but likes to color. She has hand-eye-coordination problems that have to do with her eye sight issues.) It is a good medium ground between the two. It depends on what you are looking for, I think!

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