Why Obama for me?

Recently, I got a question from Meetmeinmelange asking why as a conservative Christian I plan to vote for Obama. She wasn’t the only one who has asked lately. In trying to respond to her, my answer got rather long so it became this post.

I can’t and won’t speak for others. I can only give my reasons for choosing to vote for Obama. I don’t like labels and encourage voters to vote for the candidate best for their family not just what fits your particular label, be it Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, or something else. I also don’t vote only for one issue but rather the overall best package. To vote only for label alignment or on a single issue to to do disservice to the overall picture.

Without going into specifics, I haven’t liked some of the things McCain has supported/voted for in the past. I am willing to give someone else a chance. We need a new direction. I think Obama is the one to lead us in that new direction, for better or worse. I just don’t see McCain offering anything new and the status quo isn’t working anymore.

Obama has impressed me as the more honest and having the best integrity of the two candidates, which for me is the most important. I want someone who will do the job for which he is voted. McCain’s attendance record of missed votes is horrible. He’s missed more than 53% of Senate votes compared to Obama’s 33%. Biden has missed only slightly more than Obama at 35%.

While Palin has been a good first time governor, I don’t think she has the experience to be ready for national politics at such a high level. Governor Palin has no national/international political experience which is worrisome. Whereas, earlier this summer Obama showed he will have the support or at least respect of other world leaders.

Again, it is the overall picture that is important. I can find things I like about McCain/Palin and some I don’t about Obama/Biden. Still, overall, I think Obama is the better candidate.

I hope this helps and answers your question. If you want to know more, please feel free to ask. While I don’t mind genuine questions (like this was), this is not a debate site. Please keep any comments respectful. Thanks again Meetmeinmelange for inspiring this post.


5 Responses

  1. While I whole heartily disagree with your decision, I respect your choice. I will, however, be praying that God will change your heart and you will vote your values, that I can tell, from reading your blog, you hold dear to your heart.

  2. Meetmeinmelange,

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree. That’s what is so great about this country.

  3. Keeping in mind that I am not a McCain/Palin supporter, I ask honestly:
    If Sarah Palin went on a meet-and-greet tour of Europe/Asia/Mideast and had a similar reception as that of Obama, would you change your mind on her level of experience? (I doubt she would get a similiar reaction, but the question is theoretical.)
    Thanks for more explanation of your reasoning and I again applaud you for being such a good advocate for voting – no matter who you are planning to “pull the lever” for!

  4. While I am a conservative, I’m voting for Obama too for only 1 reason. 10 billion spent in Iraq while kids are overcrowding underfunded public school classes with 10 books to 50 students. I’m fortunate to be able to homeschool in this economy while the inner city schools are suffering in this poor economy. As a republican, we need to show the country we care for children equally unborn and those born into poverty. Thank you for this honest, patriotic post.

  5. Doucmentgently,
    I guess I don’t mind who people vote for as long as they do vote and can explain why they voted for their choice. I really don’t like those who whine and complain about the leaders of our country but are unwilling to do a simple thing like vote. If you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain is my motto. I’m glad you will be voting. And no, I don’t think if Palin went on a meet and greet of foreign countries it would change my mind at all. She’s just totally inexperienced in national and international politics.

    Thanks for you comments on why you will also be voting for Obama this election. It’s great to want to help other countries, but I agree we need to help our own people first.

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