Second week of homeschool

Today began our second week of second grade homeschool. Things are going well. I’ve even started the article for Christian Light’s Lightlines that I was asked to write about how I’m using my training. Last week we reviewed and did introduction units. We seem to be taking longer but not sure if that is because of the curriculum switch or that he has more to think about (he was very quick at marking vowels without really understanding what he was doing). Anyway, it seems to be taking us about an hour longer each day to get through school this year compared to last.

Switching from Abeka to Christian Light Education for Language Arts and reading has helped regain his interest. He’s learning a lot and actually enjoying it again. There is a lot of variation in each lesson with different activities geared toward the same topic or idea. He’s learning to scan the text to look for answers rather than just doing an activity. Each activity has just the right number of problems so I know he’s learning but not too many so he gets bored.

He missed one out of 15 spelling words on his test Friday. I don’t usually like tests but I think spelling is important. He wasn’t very confident so I started with the easiest two as examples. He quickly gained motivation and confidence as we went along. It was oral. He’s doing a lot more writing which I think is great but he’s gets tired quickly since he’s not used to it. Today he said he wanted to do creative writing. We’ll see, but I think that will have to wait until either late this year or third grade unless there is some with WinterPromise.

We have settled into a routine. The day begins with handwriting. We are using Abeka’s handwriting instead of the short penmanship lessons in CLE. This gets him calmed down to focus without having to think very much. So far it is a review of manuscript. In a few days, it begins introducing cursive. Then we do language arts (including weekly spelling list with a test on Fridays), reading, and Bible. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we do math with Math-U-See. The other days we do social studies. Things may need to be adjusted when the order from WinterPromise comes in with the history and science books.

While Richard is working on his school, Karen insists on doing her preschool activity books. Today she did making straight lines. She did really well. She wants to do math when her brother does so I’m keeping the numbers workbook for those days only. She only spends about 20 minutes on her “schoolwork” so I try to keep Richard on things that can be interrupted or work independently during that time so I can help her.


3 Responses

  1. I like how you said you settled into a routine. I think that is one of the best things you can do to have a good home schooling experience.

  2. I’m not a big one for set time schedules but I do like to follow the same general routine order. That way if were on a roll or struggling we can keep going. It is more flexible but still predictable, which is important with my guy.

  3. Good post!! I recently got preschool activity books for my babies

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