Remiss in daily Bible reading

Alas, I have to repent. Back in July, I wrote a post about daily Bible reading. I was very excited and intense about my readings. However, since then life has seemed to have gotten in the way. I still have been reading my Bible, but not as much or for as long as I hoped.

I started a Bible in 90 days schedule at the beginning of the year. I knew it would be ambitious but still hoped to be well on my way to finishing (if not totally finished) by now. Such is not the case. Here it is a few hours away from the first of September and I have just finished 1 Chronicles.

It’s not that I don’t want to read the Bible. I have all the normal excuses: a busy schedule, I was traveling, I was sick, etc. One good note is I actually did more Bible studying on my trip than I have in a long while thanks to the Mennonite revival that was going on while I was there. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that I have been remiss in my daily independant Bible reading. Now that I’m home and we’re settling into a bit more regular fall schedule, I am able to again enjoy longer time with my Bible.

I’m going to close with the same question I posed in my earlier post. How’s your daily Bible reading going? What in your life is holding you back from getting more out of your daily Bible reading? How can it be changed? Do you also need to repent of the excuses that are holding you back? If so, let’s get back on track together.


3 Responses

  1. I’m still doing my minimal “one chapter a day” reading with my wife in the mornings. It’s not ambitious or “super spiritual” or anything like that, but it is do-able. So, until I feel a nudge to “amp it up” a bit, I’m staying here. Rather go slow and stay on track than crash and burn. Done that too many times in my life, trying to prove how great I was.

    Though, after reading your post, perhaps it is time to start stepping up a little bit. Baby steps. Thanks for the encouragement!


  2. Many people struggle with the same thing, some just have a hard time reading. I downloaded a free Audio Bible and started listening to God’s Word. Try

  3. Luke,
    Hey that’s great! Glad you found some encouragement. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get us back on track or push ahead more. Even a chapter a day is better than none.

    Audio Bible,
    I’ve heard of your program but would rather read, I seem to be distracted if I listed to something like that. Thanks for the offer. Perhaps someone else will read of it and be of a help to them.

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