Alaskan questioning Palin

I am an Alaskan, and think Sarah Palin is doing a great job as our governor. However, I don’t think she is ready for national politics at such a high level. This is her first term as governor. Prior to that she was mayor of Wasilla, a small town near Anchorage.

Just because she is a woman and my state governor, doesn’t make her qualified. If you plan to vote for the Republicans because of her being picked for VP, better check up on her. Do we really want someone a heartbeat away from the presidency who has no international diplomatic experiance in today’s world? How does the simple fact she is a woman make her qualified?

On top of that I was at an Alaskan 50th celebration in Fairbanks back in July where she herself said in a speech that she wasn’t interested in the VP nomination. She wasn’t interested! Yet now that she has been officially asked, she accepted. I feel a bit betrayed.

I think she can best help Alaska and the nation as our governor, not the Vice President. She would leave a very important gas project at a critical time if she were to leave now. She needs to stay and finish the job she started here.

Having our governor as the VP nomination doesn’t change my vote. I’m still voting for Obama.

A bit of an amusing thought. This summer Todd Palin (Sarah’s husband) was at Chena Hot Springs while we were there. Our kids played with him (perhaps some of their kids too but not sure as there were too many kids to tell whose were who). They all seemed to have a great time. If Palin is elected as VP, my kids will have played with the VP’s hubby! 🙂


AM1090 in Seattle had a blurb about a Palin commentary they are doing. It has a list of many of the doubts (and a few things I don’t think really matter). You may want to check it out.


2 Responses

  1. It’s good to hear an Alaskan’s perspective, if anyone would know how she governs, it would be an Alaskan.

  2. Most Alaskans (myself included) are a bit excited about her being picked, however a better word would be stunned or shocked. I’m not sure how any of that will translate into support for the McCain campaign. Afterall, we don’t just vote for her as VP, but primarily him as president. We need to keep this in perspective.

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