Another school year begins

Today was our first day of school. Richard did 2nd grade and Karen did preschool. It went pretty well. Neither wanted breakfast other than grapes. Unfortunately about a hour and half later they were both hungry. Hopefully tomorrow they will eat a real breakfast.

My husband was teaching Karen the first letter of her name and our phone number. She did pretty well with some help. Then I started the first CLE preschool workbook “Adventures with Books”. She did a maze.

Richard did LA, reading. I gave him his spelling list to write the words 2 times each. This all took longer than I thought. I planned 2 hours but will probably end up spending 3 on school every day. Where the extra hour will come from I’m not sure.

One of the things talked about at teacher training for homeschools is to get your house cleaned and ready before starting each year. Friday the kids sorted out their old books, papers, and supplies then got out the ones they will need to start school. Yesterday I mopped and Ray cleaned outside. I finished cleaning inside the house today.

Getting our house ready also includes firewood. Yesterday evening we went exploring a new wood cutting area and brought home a full load of nice, dry wood for this winter. That makes 2 loads we cut this weekend. Now he just needs to finish putting the furnace back together from fixing the leak. In the meantime we are using a little electric heater. We also have a small wood stove we need to pick up which we can put upstairs to help keep the chill off if we don’t want to use the main furnace.

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