Supplemental math

I’ve decided to supplement math. We have been using Math-U-See with great success. It is wonderful for teaching basic math facts in a very systematic way. However, it doesn’t include a lot of the little things like < >, math sentences, odd/even, or ordering which are required for his next math level. When I was down at CLE last week, I looked over their 2nd grade math. I brought home unit 201 which is pre-tests and review of first grade. As a family we looked through it and decided to go ahead and do both MUS Beta and CLE 2nd grade to complete his math levels. The CLE is designed for a lesson every day and we use MUS twice a week. I will skip pages in CLE that are covered better in MUS. The MUS Beta arrived in the mail today. I ordered the CLE this morning so it should be here in a week or two.

UPDATE 9/14/08
Ugh. I should have read the MUS scope and sequence for Beta better before ordering the CLE because the things I mentioned are being covered. Now I have both math programs. I haven’t used the CLE yet and not sure I will. My husband says to use both. This would mean doing math every day rather than just 2x/week. We have enough trouble finding time to do what we’re already doing each day. What to do? Does anyone need a second grade CLE math?


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  1. Hi – we have used math-u-see since the primer and are now in the epsilon book. I’m not remembering when they start, but it does indeed cover greater than, less than, equal to; some great story problems (that end up being 2 or 3 step process questions); odd, even and prime. I’ve not seen anything about ordering, but that showed up in our Language Arts (we use Language!) as my g’son has some reading disabiities. Just thought you might want to know the things you mentioned do get covered in Math-U-See.

  2. Deni,
    Thanks for the reassurance. I kind of figured MUS would have it eventually but he needs it now to finish his level, plus the CLE has some fun math activities for variety. If it weren’t for that I wouldn’t worry about it so much. My son really likes the MUS story problems, they’re what got him to start enjoy reading.

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