Worldly drift in Christian chruches

Yesterday Lindsey at !* wrote a good post about Ephesians 5:1-7. Today I found a quote by John MacAuthur posted by The Pilgram about “contemporary” Christianity.

These two posts together give a picture of how in the quest to modernize the Christian church we have moved away from basic Biblical teachings. Instead of sermons about Biblical living, we have sermons about love. While this is an important aspect of Christianity, it should not be the primary focus of churches. It is merely one component in the bigger picture.

To focus so much attention on the one aspect is unbalancing and has led to acceptance of (or at least ignoring dealing with) the things the Bible expressly condemned, supposedly in the name of loving or accepting others. While teaching on love is important, Christians also need to read their Bibles and hear Biblical truths and teachings about sin (not limited to just the 10 Commandments), its consequences, and virtuous living.

Sadly, this just isn’t being done in many modern contemporary churches. It often makes people uncomfortable (and rightly so) when told that as Christians there are very specific things we are told to do and avoid doing in our lives. Many of these things are contrary to much of what society would have us believe is normal, accepted behavior in our country like crude language and greed (as discussed by Lindsey).

We now more than ever need to hear the truth they both mention in their posts to fight the worldly drift away from Biblical teaching prevalent in most churches today. Sin is sin and should be treated as such no matter how unpopular or uncomfortable it is to do so. We can’t afford not to, if we want our eternal reward.


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