Ordering 2nd grade

Today was a good mail day. I got the packet for ordering stuff through the school district for this year and the Adventures in Odyessy CD’s. I’m going to do purchase orders this week so things will hopefully be here when I get back from my trip and we can begin school. I already have the Christian Light Education order for language arts, reading, Bible, and preschool.

Here’s what I still need:

Math-U-See: Beta, student and teacher kits

WinterPromise: The World Around Me and American Story 1

Atelier Art: Level 2, module 1 (I may wait until we have started school a few weeks for this)

The weather has been giving us a taste of fall. Temperatures have been in the 50’s during the day and mid or low 40’s overnight. I actually had a small yellow leaf fall on the car yesterday and there is a yellow leaf on a tree outside our living room window. *sigh* Winter’s coming. It is supposed to get back into the upper 60’s later this week before starting our fall rains. I’m going to melt back East. Their low temperatures are warmer than our high temps!


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