Oops proof recipes

Once again my More With Less cookbook has proved its worth. I love this cookbook. i have seldom had to go to the store to buy anything I need unless it is something that I’ve run out of anyway. The recipes are easy, healthy, filling, and my family gobbles them down. They are also cheap to make which is a plus in these days of rising prices for everything. We have made 2 recipes just today from it- pancake mix and lentils with beef (or in our case moose).

Most of them can be stretched for company and are forgiving. I found this out tonight. A lentil recipe calls for only 2T of rice but with the kids distracting me, I put in 2 cups! No big deal since it was in my biggest pot already. I just added a little extra spice and more water. Now we will have left overs.

I just wish there was a place to buy lentils in bulk. I have only found them in 1 pound bags at the grocery stores and Sam’s Club doesn’t carry them. The price recently went up from 99 cents to $1.19. That’s a 20% increase! Still not bad considering I can get 3 big meals from 2 bags.


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