Plain clothes shopping spree

Since getting my tickets to DC, I’ve been on a shopping spree for plain clothes. First I bought a rose print dress at a thrift store here in town. It needed some simple mending on the collar and I cut the decorative buttons off to make it more plain. It’s very comfy.

I don’t have a decent slip so I went online and found some underthings I liked. While I was at it I bought a dress and nightgown from the same place, Vermont Country Store.

I got a white mesh Eastern Round traditional headcovering and some sunbonnets from MennoniteMaidens.

I’ve been looking at modest/cape dress makers online. The dresses are $45 or more plus shipping. The’re nice but… Plus, since they are custom sewed there was at least 3 weeks before shipping. I looked on e-bay and found 2 used dresses I liked and bought them. One is pink made from Tropical Breeze fabric, which I’ve been wanting but couldn’t afford new. The other is a coral print but may be too small, however the price was extremely reasonable and I really liked the way it looked (pockets are a plus) so I took a chance.

I hope everything arrives soon and fits. I’ve never ordered clothes this way before, only a few shirts and a hat from catalogs. I also expect to find a thrift shop down there to get more reasonably priced basic dresses. Most of the dresses at the thrift shops here are office dressy type or skimpy and trendy. I’d also like to try to find a couple of nice full aprons (pinnafores) to keep the dresses clean and perhaps some for my daughter as well. I’d better bring an extra bag. 🙂

2 of my new dresses. The first is from Vermont Country Store. The other is a cape dress from e-bay

2 pictures of Round Eastern style headcoverings and the bonnet I bought.


4 Responses

  1. I been selling Amish and Mennonite Cape Dresses on ebay for almost five years. All my dresses are handmade, gently worn, by the Amish and Mennonite women from Lancaster, Pa.
    I have Amish dresses with pinafore aprons, Old order Amish dresses, with the pin on cape, and apron.
    There are many sizes styles and colors to choose from.
    If you have a chance please check out my site.
    It is truly a gift to be selling modesty dresses that are pleasing to God!

  2. Thanks Sandra. I almost bought a dress from you a few weeks ago but wasn’t sure enough about the size as I didn’t have a dress that fits well enough to get the measurements. Most of what I have is either too big or too small, hence the need for new dresses. Your prices are very reasonable.

    The pink one above I bought from Rachels Modesty. It has a elastic waist and is a bit too big up top but still very comfy. The coral one actually did fit but is a stretchy knit, so I’m not sure how helpful that measurement will be. Perhaps somewhere between the two?

  3. Hi,
    Can you tell me of a site that sells Amish/Mennonite cape dresses in plus size…I’m a plus size..I wear american size 4X…my measurements are bust 45 waist 49, hips 49…I have yet to find someone who can sew a large size as this one..Do you know of any? Thanks!


  4. Barb,
    I would try e-bay. I’ve been happy with the dresses I’ve bought through them. Their selection changes a lot so check frequently if your size isn’t listed currently. Most are handmade so they usually give Bust, Waist, Shoulder, and length measurements in the descriptions.

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