Odds ‘N’ Ends

Little Karen woke up sick today. She had a fever 103 when I got her up. She nibbled at her oatmeal then went back to bed. She’s now resting on the couch. I’ll give her some get-well-tea with honey (Just for Kids: Organic Cold Care by Traditional Medicinals) to sip when she wakes up again.

While she was in bed, Richard and I cleaned his room. That was a big project. His toy table had become a catch-all so now he couldn’t find anything. We cleaned that out along with the corner beside his bed where books and stuffed animals tend to accumulate. I swept and he made the bed. We filled almost an entire grocery bag with trash and old papers that were hiding in his room. Much better! I just hope he isn’t coming down with whatever Karen has. He’s resting in bed now.

I spent an hour hoeing in the garden before lunch and another this afternoon. The potatoes are up and had become overrun with grass. I spent most of my time on them. I also hoed the paths. The lettuce, beets, and carrots needed to be weeded by hand. I was just too hot. Its almost 80 outside. At least there was a little breeze to keep the mosquitoes and other bugs away. The peas still need to be weeded but that’s all. I pray we get some rain soon. Things are starting to wilt. With the shading weeds gone, they will wilt even faster but if we get rain, they will grow much better. It’s been a couple of weeks since I weeded this thoroughly. I’ve been doing spot weeding but not very well or it’s been raining until this weekend.

My husband called last night. He is in Canada at the factory making the boiler. They are running about a week behind. They offered to ship it up to Anchorage but he decided to stay and bring it up himself. That way he can start installing as soon as he gets home.


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