God in US History

I listened to Focus on the Family this morning driving with my kids. They were doing the first of a 2 part series on God in US History called America: Designed with Godly Intent. I am somewhat of a US history buff so this was interesting. It is an aspect of US history that often gets shorted or even left out all together today. However, as Dr. Dobson and his guest pointed out, God was very influential on our Founding Fathers and the early documents in founding of our country. Unfortunately the current trend is taking the non-establishment clause which forbids the government from creating a national religion and turning it into a suppression of religion which is quite different. It has gotten so bad that parts of our founding documents including the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence have been banned from public display because they mention God! This is just one interesting aspect of God’s role in US history discussed on the program.

I went ahead and bought the CD of the series as well as a DVD titled America’s Godly Heritage. There was also a collection of 12 US history themed Adventures in Odyssey shows titled For God & Country which Richard wanted. Since he’s studying early US history this year, I figured it would be a fun add in. All together it cost $54. Shipping is free.


2 Responses

  1. Hmmm, if God was so important to our founding fathers, why then did it take so long to abolish slavery, allow women their god given rights and many other horrible things they did to honest Christian people??

  2. MadMan,
    Those were the attitudes of the day. It is hard to not judge by modern standards of conduct what was common conduct and practices (good and bad) in history. Because our country was based upon godly Biblical standards you can ask that question today. We are the longest stable form of government in existance. Are we now perfect? No. Can we still make improvements? Yes. But they had to start with the ideas and ideals of the 1700’s. Unfortunatly, those things you mentioned were part of that.

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