Getting ready to go East

As I briefly mentioned in a prior post, I am going to be going to Virginia for training at Christian Light Publications in August. They are affiliated with conservative Mennonites and I’ll be staying with a family. As such, women trainees are required to dress the part while there. Dresses and skirts must be worn and be below the knee even when sitting or kneeling. No low cut or “v-neck” tops. No jewelry (I’ll need to take out my earrings in the day but plan to sleep in them so the holes don’t close). Plain headcovering.

I have some long skirts, but most are too warm (Alaskan summer where 80 degrees is considered very hot). I do have 2 that are thinner which I will bring with plain colored t-shirts. I also bought a plain rose flowered dress today at Salvation Army. It is short sleeve but still almost to my elbow. It is a petite so mid-calf rather than ankle length like most dresses are on me. It had 4 fancy buttons for trim on the waist which I cut off to make it more plain. The center of the neck is ripped but I think it should stitch well. I may look on the internet for more dresses like it. Its more comfortable than I thought a cotton dress would be. The back is a bit tight near the shoulders and the sleeve cuffs but that may be because I’m use to t-shirts. Now I just need a new pair of shoes and a lightweight slip then I’m set for clothes if I don’t get another dress or two. I really need to learn to sew dresses.

I ordered a white Eastern Round style mesh headcovering from Mennnonite Maiden (it will be interesting going through the airports wearing that). I also ordered a calico sunbonnet (I burn easy) plus one for my daughter and a friend. The total was $40 including shipping to Alaska. I am worried that the colored scarves I usually wear may be taken for gang colors (not very likely but not something I want to even take a chance with). I am going to order some new scarves since they now have a color I like to wear and have been keeping an eye out for.

I have my tickets. I originally looked into tickets last month and tickets were well over $800. Then the hotels were very expensive with no room at the hostels. No thanks. Something said “wait, don’t give up”. Well, I checked on Monday and prices round trip to Washington DC from Alaska had gone down to $560! (out of curiosity, I just checked prices again and they went up by $300) I found a hostel for $30/night that had availability for the 3 nights I would need. The times are great getting me into DC around 1030am. I have a day and half to explore before getting on the train to Staunton. I’ve always wanted to take this train trip. The hostel has directions from both the airport and train station which was a plus. Monday I found a rental car for $540. RentalCarMama had the same rental for $350 today. Needless to say, I canceled the first one.

I’ve started going to a water aerobics class at the gym to get myself into shape a bit. I may rent a car but will still do a lot of walking plus dealing with the heat. I’ve gone to 2 classes and enjoyed them. The teacher is fun and the others in the class are friendly. If I can loose some weight in the process even better 🙂

I’m excited.


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    can i come with you?


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