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It really makes me upset to see how low voter turnout has been in this country lately, both in local and national elections. In some ways I like the idea of compulsory voting. Lots of people complain of how bad our country’s leaders are doing but few actually are willing to do something about it. Voting is an easy way to do something about change. If you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain. Be part of the solution rather than the problem and VOTE this November!

Go to Obama for President website

I have considered myself more of an unaffiliated Republican although I like to vote based on individual candidates instead of along party lines. It seemed the Republicans have held my interests in the past compared to the Democrats. I was waiting to see how to primaries went with Clinton or Obama to decide. I’d rather have McCain than Clinton but Obama over McCain.

John McCain represents more of the status quo which obviously isn’t working. He represents the Good Ol’ Boy Club. To me he represents what is going wrong with America. He wants to give more rights to people in this country illegally while at the same time limit the freedoms of this country’s taxpaying citizens. I don’t see any fresh or new ideas from him. I haven’t liked some of the bills and votes in his Senate record. He doesn’t have an exit strategy (either short or long term) for the wars in the Middle East in which we are entangled.

Here’s 2 more reasons not to vote for McCain, especially if you care about your constitutional freedoms. There was an interesting article by Chuck Baldwin (candidate mentioned by a comment below) about McCain posted on I Was Hungry. While I agree in some gun restrictions, the article just sheds more light on why not to vote for McCain.

Here is another article. Parts of a bill McCain co-sponsored on campaign finance reform (McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act) were struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court as unconstitutional limits on free speech! He wanted different rules for different players in the same political game. This is the second time is 2 yeas parts of this act have been struck down.

I have decided to vote for Obama. The more I hear from and about Barak Obama (aside from trying to spell his name) the more I like about him. He’s young. He’s willing to listen to others rather than just keeping on without even considering other options. We’ve got to at least try something different because the current direction is obviously wrong. He may not have all the answers, but even some change is a step in the right direction.

I’m very curious who both candidates will pick for VP. That may change my mind (especially if Mr. Gore or Mrs. Clinton are picked) but I doubt it. So for now you’ll see an Obama ’08 sticker on my website. If you agree (or not) with my candidate choice, you better go and vote this November because I sure will!


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  1. We support and have voted for Ron Paul. He believes in the constitution and doesn’t believe in abortion! From what I’ve heard of Obama, he apparently believes in abortion.

  2. Lacy,
    I looked at him and he has some interesting positions. Unfortunately, I don’t think an independent candidate will be able to get enough votes to win a national election (as shown by past elections). They just take votes away from the 2 main candidates. I see Obama as the greater of those 2 therefore, he gets my vote. He isn’t perfect, but then again, no candidate ever is. If enough people vote for Paul instead of Obama, we’ll be stuck with McCain! I’m glad to hear your family is voting.

  3. There’s only one way to tell if Ron Paul would get enough votes, and that’s by voting for him. Every vote counts! 🙂

    ~ Lacy

  4. Thanks for your comment about the Artpac on my blog earlier. I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries, but with him probably not being the Republican candidate, I will probably go with the Constitution Party candidate, Chuck Baldwin.

    I cannot vote for either McCain or Obama. McCain is entirely too rah-rah war-mongering with such a huge Open Borders record. I lived in Illinois when Obama was in the legislature there and I really dislike the things he did there. (He made sure the bill did not pass that would have supported helping babies born alive from botched abortions.) He has some skeletons in his closet that haven’t come out yet (and I’m not sure they will).

    I would rather vote my conscience than support a candidate that I don’t believe in. I agree with Miss Lacy that every vote counts. I’m definitely voting in November!

  5. You and Lacy are right, every vote does count. Well sort of, we need to do away with the Electoral College process and just go with straight popular vote. With our population so large now, it won’t be skewed from differences in state demographics. That would give candidates like Paul and Baldwin a better chance. We also need to have a media blackout and no exit poll results from when the first polls open on the East coast until they close here in Alaska and Hawaii to keep people from being influenced or not voting if their candidate is way ahead or behind. I’m glad you will both be voting. It will be interesting to see how this election plays out. I feel it is one of the most critical elections since Reagan’s first.

  6. Please, make sure you check your state laws before you decide to write-in Ron Paul. In most cases, the vote will be thrown out.

  7. Wisdomssister,
    Yes, people should definitely check their state voting laws if they plan to vote for a write-in or other non-standard party candidate. I don’t know about in other states but in Alaska and Washington (at least when I lived there 15 years ago) they have a blank like for writing in someone else’s name if you don’t like the choices available. However, if you write in a name somewhere else or cross out and insert another name, you’re right it won’t be counted.

  8. Hi Lacy,

    I am new to blogging and lurking but I am a homeschooler or 3 years. Anyway, I had to put my 2 cents in also. I was surprised that you were voting for Obama, especially after reading many of your posts. You seem to be very conservative in many walks of life. The reasons for my surprise are many but the one that stands out is the abortion issue. I believe this should e a litmus test for all Christian voters. I know mccain is not perfect, neither candidate is, but the right to life should be a must before our vote is given.

    Just a thought,


  9. Hi kw,

    Let’s see…Your two cents and this response with the 16 cents from the previous 8 comments plus my original 2 cents make this post worth 22 cents. 😆 Anyone else care to donate?

    A couple of things. First, thanks for stopping by and reading. If any of this reply sounds overly defensive or crabby, it’s late and I’m tired so apologies in advance but I wanted to answer you ASAP

    I’m not Lacy. She’s over at A Godly Maiden. Anyway, I’m not good with names so no big deal.

    While abortion is an important issue, this is just one issue. I’m not going to vote solely based upon one issue. If we voted for a candidate only based upon one issue, then all other issues of the candidate could be completely wrong and our country would be in a horrible mess. I’m looking for the best balanced candidate and I believe Mr. Obama is it.

    Yes, I am conservative in many ways but I believe in free choice. I don’t believe we should tell another how to live her life, especially a crisis pregnancy. This a very sensitive issue for many. There are enough unwanted, unloved, drug addicted, and abused children already. While you may not agree with the decision to end a pregnancy, this should be a woman’s personal decision not one legislated upon her by someone else’s morals or religion (especially a man’s, since it ultimately is a woman’s situation) she may not agree with. We can give advice and hope she makes a decision we agree with but it is still up to her.

    However, I do believe we need more limitations as to who can have an abortion including parental consent for minors. I believe in abstinence and contraception (but not the morning after pill even though this may seem inconsistent) for women wanting not to get pregnant as well as education in all areas of reproductive health.

    I may post more about this after the election but it’s late tonight. I don’t want to start a debate. I’m not trying to change someone else’s mind and am comfortable with mine. That’s the great thing about this country, we can agree to disagree.

  10. so sorry about the name thing.

    don’t worry about the offensive thing either. i tend to be someone who speaks my mind and i have to watch not to offend. because of this i am not one that is offends easily.

    i hear you about unwanted pregnancy and not wanting to run someones life, but let me say the gov. has not problem running your life in every other area and secondly, the pregnancy is not unwanted to God. it either is or is not murder, no gray area. if it is not murder, don’t regulate. if it is murder, no abortion.

    btw, what is your name or initials or something?

  11. Hi again KW,

    I like people who speak their mind as long as we can agree to disagree at times. It keeps things interesting. I can’t sleep. I’ve gotten some great deals for my trip in August tonight. This post is now worth more than a quarter. I’m rambling, do you know any good cures for insomnia?

    Abortion should be regulated because it is a medical procedure if nothing else. The ethics can wait for another day after I get some sleep. Yeah, it seems the government thinks it needs to protect people from themselves these days. Like the winning product warning label “Warning, avoid death.”

    Oh! I never thought about putting my name online. I have my kids’ and husband’s in various places but not mine. 😆 I’m Frankie, nice to “meet” you.

  12. jackie,

    It is only 11 am down here. get some sleep. i have no cure for insomnia. talk to you soon jackie.

    i’m kris btw

  13. Kris,

    Well I got about 2.5 hours sleep before my husband called this morning needing some information for his trip. It’s raining and foggy. My wonderful son told me to go back to bed, he didn’t want breakfast and would watch his sister.


  14. oops, i called you jackie, and i see your name is frankie,

    that is what i get for typing while trying to listen to my 3 yr old jabber.


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