It’s here!

My order from Christian Light Education arrived today! It was all in one box. Karen was excited about getting her preschool workbooks. She did 3 pages of tracing lines in one of the Beginners set this morning. Richard’s friend was over so he didn’t get much of a look at the workbooks. I’ll have him look at them tonight. If he likes them, we’ll send the Abeka back tomorrow.

We’re going to have to get Karen her own pencil box and supplies. She has a box for her crayons but not things like pencils and erasers which she’ll need this fall. I also need to clean off a bookshelf for her school stuff. Its hard to believe she is getting ready for school, even if it is just preschool. I need to put away Richard’s first grade books and put out the second grade stuff on his shelves. We need more bookshelves, but what homeschool family doesn’t? đŸ˜†

The first 2 lessons from the CLE reading are on following directions. Then they start the first story. It looks like 5 lessons to cover about 2 stories and one quiz a week. Each workbook has 15 lessons and there are 10 workbooks for reading and language arts. There is also a study page for the verse that goes along with each story. It will be good to have these structured reading skills lessons combined with the more unstructured WinterPromise for reading comprehension.

The main drawback is CLE doesn’t have much for handwriting. We’ll keep the Abeka handwriting and use the activities in CLE for review and additional practice. It will be good since CLE has students write penmanship on a separate piece of paper.

We decided to keep the Abeka spelling book. My husband had trouble spelling and believes more the better when it comes to spelling practice. I’m thinking of just having the CLE spelling as practice and using the Abeka for testing. The Abeka is arranged by word families. They sort of correspond with some of the lessons in CLE so it won’t just be random words like the first grade spelling seemed. We’ll wait and see if that really happens or is too much work.

I can’t wait to start. That’s the drawback to ordering in the spring. You need to give the kids a break but the books are starting to arrive so you want to start. I’m going to VA for training from CLE in August instead of July. Too much going on with Ray getting back for me to leave right away. Anyway, when I get back from there in late August, we’ll start school. I’m going to be ordering the rest of Richard’s schoolbooks next month when allotments open up.


4 Responses

  1. We’ve also just received our CLE and look froward to using it after the vacation. I believe we will be blessed, it is a good curriculum, so pure and gentle, but thorough.
    Enjoy your homeschool journey.
    South Africa

  2. Lindy,
    Wow, South Africa! Thanks for the mini geography lesson. We found your country on the wall map and discussed sailing routes.

    How did you start using CLE from there? What level are you using? How long have you been using it? What subjects are you using?

    Yesterday the temptation got to be too great. My son got out the reader and workbook on his own. He read the first story and I helped him do Reading lesson 3 (the first lesson with the reader) and will do lesson 4 today.

  3. I just want to add a word from a veteran CLE user. I homechooled both my daughters using CLE. They are college graduates with honors and both have told me that CLE gave them the knowledge and training they needed to succeed in college. I highly recommend and endorse CLE for all grade levels
    Good Luck and God Bless

  4. Leota,
    Hi. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I was down at CLE in Harrisonburg VA for their teacher training and just got back today. I’m glad to hear about others who have had success with CLE. I’m looking forward to starting another year of homeschool Monday with it.

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