Little growing things

There are a lot of little growing things around my house now. First the garden. It is doing great! We’ve had enough rain so we haven’t had to water by hand much. The beets are up. Having them under the plastic really helped shorten the germination time. The carrots still haven’t popped out yet. The peas are up too. We need to get the fence up for them to climb real soon. The pre-plants are doing great. They’ve more than doubled in size since we put them in 2 weeks ago. I’ve been hoeing every few days to keep the grass from taking over in the upper part. It needs to be done again but is too wet this evening. We may get a modest rhubarb harvest this year. The strawberries really like having all the brush and willows cut down. They have a lot of flowers. We should have enough to make a pie (or two with the rhubarb, yum) unless the neighbor steals them again. I need to put back up the edging fence around them.

A robin built a nest on top of a light outside our garage a few years ago. She came back this spring and now has babies up there peeping and cheeping.

I had the kids’ car seats out so I could put the tires in the other day. When I put the seats back in, we were in a hurry so I buckled Karen using the seat as a booster with the regular seat belt instead of using the car seat straps. She fit fine so I guess that’s how it will be. It is faster for me and more comfortable (and modest without the belt fastened between her legs) for her now. I also had to buy her new dresses and shirts. She’s really been in a growth spurt lately.


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