There was an article in today’s paper about clotheslines. It seems they are becoming fashionable again as energy prices continue to climb. The electric company in Fairbanks estimates a family of 4 spends $18 for 90 kwh a month drying laundry in an electric dryer. An obvious economical way to dry clothes is on an old fashioned clothesline outside. A few stores have sold out of clothespins. Another had to order 5 times more clothesline than a year ago to keep up with demand. I guess that makes us fashionable because we will be drying our clothes on a clothesline this summer.

Yesterday morning my husband helped to put up our new clothesline. We don’t have those T posts like my grandmother had. We have lots of sturdy trees instead. I bought 100 feet of line for $7. It runs along beside of the driveway looped to 4 trees to keep it from sagging. I went to the laundrymat and washed 4 loads of clothes in the afternoon. I still have sheets to wash but that’s another story. Anyway after we got the laundry and other errands done it was almost 9pm and pouring rain. I left the laundry in the trunk and dashed inside.

Today we spent the morning at church then visiting my mother in law. Finally this afternoon we were home, the sun was trying to shine so I hung the laundry. The verdict is we need more line! Even using both the new line and the short line we already have, there wasn’t enough room for it all and I had to put some in the dryer. I guess I can be thankful for not having to put it all in the dryer. Doing laundry more often than every 3 weeks would probably help too 😆 I also discovered I need more clothespins.

Now if I could only find a way to save energy washing the clothes. I tried cold water but our laundry is too dirty with coal dust, garden dust, and other kid dirt. We did get some info on a solar water heater that looked promising for summer.


Like I mentioned above, I put the laundry on the line to dry yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t totally dry when I was getting ready for bed so we decided to leave it up overnight. It was only a little cloudy but didn’t look serious. Big mistake! It rained last night so it all got wet again. That’s good for the garden but not so good for drying clothes. It’s afternoon now and not quite dry yet. It looks like rain, but has been like that all day. I’ll check it again after I get the dishes done.


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  1. I love this post…you have trees! I live in the desert of New Mexico and almost exclusively use a clothesline(no trees only Mesquite bushes). I have to hurry or wash early in the morn in the spring and summer or it gets musty while I am hanging the clothes!(triple digits here all summer)

    I found your blog and have enjoyed my visit. I am on a small blog break but will be returning to post next week on my blog.

    Have a blessed weekend

  2. Dad wants to put up a clothesline for Mom, but he hasn’t decided where to put it yet. 🙂

  3. Lacy,
    I hope they can decide. Among other things, line dried clothes smell great with no added perfumes.

    Wow! That’s too hot. Today was 78 and we were pretty hot at the Bible camp barbecue this evening (11 kids came to the Lord this week!). At least it wasn’t raining like last year. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my blog. Thanks for visiting.

  4. A perfume is added if the neighbor’s happen to be burning leaves or plastic outside. 😛 Other than that, no extra perfumes!! LOL.

    I hope they decide too. 🙂

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