Church family

I attend a church near our house when I can. I do not attend regularly as our type of work doesn’t permit a set schedule and often Sundays wind up as a catch up day for odds and ends which must get done around the house. Anyway, it is a very friendly and supportive group of people. Several families also homeschool and the kids enjoy playing together.

We usually go to early service which starts at 915. That means we need to be up a bit after 8. Today I let the kids sleep until almost 830. We made it still on time. They preach from the Bible each week. Not just vaguely; the pastor has the church open their Bibles and read along then relate those passages to daily life. The sermon today was about how to deal with those who disagree by not fighting back and controlling your anger to be a good witness. It was a very useful message from the book of Matthew.

There was only one other kid today in Karen’s preschool Sunday class. I spent a little time talking to her mom. Then after service I talked more to her and we decided to get together and clean out the preschool room next month after we get back and the girls can play together.

They had a garage sale to benefit an adoption yesterday at the church. There were many items left over downstairs. I found a dress for Karen and more importantly, shoes for both kids. They have been needing shoes and were wearing their mud boots since breakup.

Even though I don’t attend all the functions and services, I still feel wanted and part of the church family. Its nice to know that if I have a problem, I can ask someone at church and if they can’t help, they probably will know someone who can. I don’t have much to give, but what I do I feel is appreciated (like taking time to help organize the preschool room). It’s the little things like just a kind word or a pair of shoes that make a big difference sometimes. Church is much more than just sermons and hymns. It’s people getting together to support each other in their walk with the Lord.

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